Forbair Development President, Maureen Conroy
Maureen Conroy, President

About Us at Forbair Development

Forbair in Gaelic means to build and develop.   With communities, it starts with getting YOU a fair and equitable CASH offer for the property you no longer need or want.   From there, the Forbair team will renovate the property and sell or rent it to a new family.   In the end, everyone wins.

Maureen Conroy has been involved in the property development industry for more than 20 years.  As someone born and raised right here in Latham and a current resident of Halfmoon, she has made it her personal mission to create positive situations out of some desperate ones in her own community. Everyone who interacts with Maureen can sense her integrity and earnestness to make everything better.    Her entire team shares these same qualities.


Forbair Target Communities

Mechanicville                      Rexford

Troy                                         Stillwater

Clifton Park                          Halfmoon

Latham                                  Ballston Spa

Cohoes                                   Waterford


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